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Rats or Squirrels in your attic?

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For almost 20 years Phoenix Pest Management has been ridding homes and businesses of pests throughout the Tampa Bay area. This experience helps us know exactly how to treat each and every pest and wildlife problem you may encounter in all four counties. We know how they get in, where they hide and what damage they can cause. Most of all we know how to stop them. Find more information about rodent control Tampa on our website belowor call us at 813-778-4181.

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The first thing we do is give you a free inspection so we can take a good hard look at the property. We will help you identify areas in your home where pests and wildlife are most likely to gain entry and the locations where they already have. Then we customize a solution for your home and family or your business. Our specialists are state licensed and insured. All of our pest control and exclusion services are guaranteed. We pride ourselves on building lifelong relationships by exceeding your expectations and our service is what sets us apart.

Find more information on our website - Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control.